Thursday, December 4, 2008

Well, at least Cute Coworker's got my back

Or, Fun with Fluids, part two...

Wet puddle on my neck, this one generated not by me (well, at least not directly) but by the babe, as I was walking from one room to the other with her propped against my shoulder.

"Eew," I mutter, and run for a paper towel to try to contain the damage.

This is why I don't wear nice clothes to work. (And never did, even before I started dragging my spawn to the office with me, just for the record.)

"It's all down your back," Cute Coworker observes. "You're never going to get it all."

Sweetie that he is, he helped. Wasn't that nice?

God, I would hate working for me right about now.

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